Dogwood Lamp

This lamp was enlarged from the original pattern to 20 inches in diameter. This lamp is held in a private collection and used daily.

Designed by: J C Furman


  1. Liz Darby says:

    I am making the stained glass dogwood lampshade. How large is the opening at the top of the lampshade in the original pattern? I need the measurements so that I can get the correct size top for it. Or if you don’t know it, can you tell me how to measure the top correctly so that I can’t get the right size top, like the one in the picture? I hope to hear from you soon.
    Thank you.
    Liz Darby

    • windows says:

      Hi Liz as per email the original pattern requires a 1.5/8 inch 6 sided vented cap, also you should install a 3 way 7 inch spider which will ensure a strong lamp shade.

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