Suction Cup Butterflies

We make these butterflies in a multitude of colors, they measure approximately 3 inches wide by 2 and 3/4 inches high. We make them in such a way as the suction cup attached allows the butterflies to be turned on your window without having to move the suction cup. A multicolored grouping on your window is a pleasant reminder of spring and summer especially during those cooler fall and cold winter days.

Designed by Windows of the West Stained Glass Studio



  1. Joan says:

    I have a butterfly like yours that my husband bought me years ago. The glass has separated from the lead. How could I fix it? Thank you,

    • windows says:

      Hi Joan I am guessing you are not a stained glass artist, correct? Not sure where you live we can repair if you are
      close to Innisfail, if not try to find a stained glass artist in your area. It should be an easy fix.

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