Eagles “The Eagle has landed” – 2015

We have a client who is an awesome intarsia woodworker. He designed this eagle in wood and wanted to have it transformed into stained glass. In addition he and his wife wanted 2 of them each facing each other for their retreat in the West Country towards the Rocky Mountains in Central Alberta.

To facilitate this endeavour we enlisted the services of Paned Expressions Studios in Edgewood Maryland. Martha was quickly able to take the intarsia design pattern from our clients and add in the necessary lines to complete a 20 x 20 inch panel. Then using Glass Eye 2000 she reflected the design so as to have another identical design pattern.

This is the left side eagle and eventually we will display the remaining right side eagle with more pictures and details. Enjoy the first Eagle has landed.


 Stained Glass Panel Design by Paned Expressions Studio

From an Intarsia Wood design supplied by our client


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