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Boxed Viking Ship

In May of 2013 we were asked by a long time Danish friends if we could come up with a Viking Ship. They had seen our Boxed Alberta Rose, Maple Leaf, Great Horned Owl and Rainbow Heart and wondered if we could do the same with a Viking Ship and also a Viking Warrior. Our friends have used them for Danish fundraising. Just west of Innisfail at Dixon Alberta is the Danish Canadian National Museum & Gardens. One should visit this wonderful Museum when in the area. Not far from Dixon lies Historic Markerville with it’s Historic Markerville Creamery Museum, Historic Fensala Hall, Historic Markerville Lutheran Church and the Historic Tindastoll Cemetery, all of these Markerville sites are operated by The Stephan G Stephansson Icelandic Society. Also close by is the Provincial Historic Site of the home of Stephan G. Stephansson.

Designed from Viking Ship Historical Photographs by Flory Wilkins

Chickadee with an Alberta Rose

We just made this beautiful Chickadee, along with a Wild Alberta Rose.

 Designed by Casey Koller

Hummingbird 2004 – 2005

For a client back in 2004 – 2005 we made this enlarged very pretty Hummingbird (before we had a digital camera).


Design by Jenova Moseley & Geneva Perkins

Arizona Desert Sunrise 2001

This was the first panel that we ever made for one of our daughters back in 2001. We had obtained some neat glass while in Arizona during the winter months from 1999 to 2001. The panel was about 7 x 10 inches.


Design by Donna Clark and Jona Vian


Quite a few years ago before we even had a digital camera, we made this Unicorn for a client who lived in Central Alberta.

This Spectrum Glass pattern measures about 8.5 inches high by 5 inches wide.

Design by Kathleen & David Scott, Kat’s Meow Stained Glass, Mobile, Alabama