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Birthstone Angel – Matthew’s

This is Matthew’s Birthstone Angel – he is our 3rd grandson who was born in March and that birthstone color is Aquamarine. We used Spectrum’s Sky Blue Wispy along with a white wispy for her wings and Spectrum’s Rainwater Iridescent for her halo.


Design by Donna Schulze

Birthstone Angel – Brady’s

Our second grandson,  Brady was born in April and his birthstone color is the Diamond/White Sapphire. We used Spectrum’s Clear Hammered Iridescent glass for this angels wings, with fine silver chain soldered into the seams for hanging.


 Design by Donna Schulze


Birthstone Angel – Ryley’s

When our grandchildren were born we made each one of them an angel in their respective birthstone colors. This is Ryley’s our first grandson. He was born in November and the birthstone color is Citrine.

 Design by Donna Schulze

Repair Old English China Cabinet 2004

In 2004 a client brought us this door from a very old china cabinet that came from England. This piece of furniture had survived a fire with the exception of having some of the clear glass broken. The first picture shows the broken condition.



In the next picture we have taken the came unit out of the wooden frame and are replacing the broken glass. We were able to take the old came lead frame apart and rejoin it, once the new glass was installed.



The last picture shows the restored came insert back in the door frame and our clients were most grateful that their beloved old English China Cabinet glass door was repaired.

Rose Vase Panel 2006

This Rose Vase Panel was a wedding gift that a client commissioned us to make for them in 2006. We used some very beautiful Bullseye glass for the rose along with Uroboros glass for the boarder spaced with 1 inch square bevels.



 Panel design by Flory Wilkins – Rose Vase Design author unknown