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Beveled Circle Geometric 2006

We made this Beveled Circle Geometric suncatcher in 2006. The large blue piece is Uroboros blue green sea foam streamer glass which adds a great deal of depth and color to the piece.


 Design by  Kimberlee Lynch

Western Mountain Bluebird

We made this Western Mountain Bluebird some 3 years ago as a gift for a friend.  This Bluebird is the State Bird of Nevada.


Design by Carolyn Kyle

Boxed Rainbow Heart

This is our latest addition to our boxed items which now include this Rainbow Heart along with the Great Horned Owl, Canada’s Maple Leaf and the Alberta’s Wild Rose.




Christmas Tree Mice Ornaments

Each year we like to make a Christmas Tree Ornament and this is our 2012 selection. The red cherry Spectrum Waterglass always shows a neat effect when hung on your tree, with the effects of your Christmas Tree lights shinning through this glass. One can also enjoy them year round as a window suncatcher.


Design by Liz Leopold & Jan Zuhlke

Beveled Geometric 2006

We made this in 2006 using a neat piece of Bullseye Art Glass, combined with Spectrum Waterglass and one of their pinks,  along with the bevel. It measures approximately 6 x 6 inches.


 Design by Kimberlee Lynch