Historic Markerville Church Windows

In 2006 Markerville’s Lutheran Church was pounded by a devastating hail storm. Laurie Chilibeck of Sylvan Lake wanted to help and together with us, transformed broken stained glass into two stained glass inserts for the church’s foyer. These beautiful creations were dedicated during the 100th anniversary of the church on June 16, 2007. This Historic Church is now an official Provincial Historic Resource.

Designed by: Bob & Flory Wilkins & Laurie Chilibeck

When Laurie Chilibeck of Sylvan Lake heard about the devastation from the 2006 hail storm in Markerville, she knew there was only one way to help that community. Through her talent and vision, she took the broken pieces of antique stained glass from the Church and together with her fellow stained glass artists, Bob & Flory Wilkins of Innisfail, put them back together in a statement of their survival. After many hours of cutting and assembly, two stained glass window inserts were created for the foyer of the Markerville Church. These beautiful creations will be dedicated during the 100th anniversary of the Church on June 16, 2007.

One window has red glass in the beveled cross, signifying the blood of Christ, a reminder of the suffering and sacrifice of the Son of Man. This window also has etched Praying Hands in the large bevel representing our prayers to God.

The other window has purple glass in the beveled cross, symbolizing Royality; God the Father, Emblematic of suffering and endurance. Christ was believed to have worn purple garments before his crucifixion. This window has an etched descending Dove representing the Holy Spirit and Peace and our Blessings from God.

The original church stained glass windows were comprised of the colors of blue, amber and green. We divided the pieces equally between the new windows and by assembling the broken shapes, created these two designs for the 100th anniversary of Markerville’s Historic Church.

We would like to extend a big thank you to Robert Bryce our master wood worker friend from Innisfail, who installed these windows for us.

Kee Beach, Hawaii

On the North Shore of the island of Kauai Hawaii lies Kee Beach. This is the beach used in the TV mini series the Thorn Birds. This panel measures 30 x 38 inches and was commissioned for home near Edmonton Alberta. We used black patina on the solder seams, except for the large rocks, which were left silver for effective contrast.

Designed by: Judi Hartman

Great Horned Owl

This Owl fits our desire to portray wildlife in a most realistic manner. The panel with the frame measures approx 2 feet x 3 feet. The frame was constructed by Robert Bryce Designs of Innisfail and made from birch saplings cut in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains west of Innisfail. This Owl was accepted by Parks Canada – 2007 Brilliance of Birds Stained Glass Art Show – Kootenay National Park – held at Radium Hot Springs British Columbia, and now hangs in a home in Radium BC.

Designed by: Rob Torres

Prairie Sunrise

A large window approx. 8 plus sq. ft. This window is located over a large living room window in a home in Central Alberta. This window was featured for the month of December 2006 on Dragonfly Software’s California site. In December, 2006 we were featured by Dragonfly Software’s “Design of the month”.

Wolf’s Wolf

This design was enlarged from it’s original size using GlassEye 2000 – Dragonfly Software to 29.5 inches x 21.5 inches.

Designed by: Debra Ross

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