Some 12 years ago we made this chilies pepper cluster for Tanya one of our daughters. We realized that we did not have a picture and she sent this to us from BC in January 2014. We were fortunate to have some neat glass for this sun catcher which still looks awesome after many years of being enjoyed by her in many window locations throughout Alberta and now British Columbia.

We believe the designer was Donna Clark

Rocky Mountain Horizons 2011 # 1

In 2011 we made a series of these Rocky Mountain Horizons which were commissioned by The Order of Eastern Star, and presented as gifts. They were approximately 8 inches in diameter. We attached a brass sculptured edging along with soldering a fine silver chain into the solder seams for hanging. This is the picture of the first of three that we made.

Design by Flory Wilkins

A Festive Bevy of Geometric’s

We have these awesome clients who ask us to make unique stained glass items for their many adult grandchildren each year. For Christmas 2013 we made this bevy of multicolored geometric’s, each one has a clear jewel centre. They measure approximately 5 inches x 5 inches. When soldering we put a penny under the jewel which raises it higher in the geometric and shows it’s beauty to a much higher degree.

Designed by Marianne Crivellaro

Blue Violin 2013

A client this Christmas Season requested a blue violin. We attached fine wire for the strings. The violin measured approximately 10.5 inches x 4 inches


Designer unknown

Christmas Ornaments 2013

Every year we make our neighbours young daughters a Christmas Tree Ornament that they continue to value and cherish. This year we made these which included 3 small red glass nuggets glued to each with E6000 clear cement.


Design by Alee Soderman-Zurcher & James Zurcher