Valentine’s Red Heart/Christmas Ornament


This Red Heart with a bevel center was made in 2007 and besides being a great Valentine’s gift, it can also be used as a Christmas Tree Ornament.


Design by Marianne Crivellaro

Valentine In Glass “I Love You”

February 14th is Valentine’s Day and what a great way to express your love with a piece of stained glass that can be seen year round hanging on your window. We made this one many years ago (2005) and have just made another (picture to follow) which will be for sale at The White Raven Emporium in Didsbury Alberta during Valentine’s Week. This was a featured Spectrum Glass Pattern of the Month for lovers of stained glass to share and enjoy.

Design by Glassmagic, Snohomis, WA

Beveled Triangle Geometric 2006

This geometric made in 2006 has a beveled triangle in it, as well we used Spectrum black, white, clear Baroque glass. On many of our smaller pieces,we solder fine silver chain to the edge which makes for better and easier displaying.

 Design by Kimberlee Lynch

Hummingbird Oval 2010

This was a Christmas Gift that a client had us make for her in late 2010. It is about 8 inches in diameter, the blue background glass is an Artique Spectrum. We solder the fine silver chain into this small panel for hanging.


Design by Ann Novotney & David Klos

Beveled Circle Geometric 2006

We made this Beveled Circle Geometric suncatcher in 2006. The large blue piece is Uroboros blue green sea foam streamer glass which adds a great deal of depth and color to the piece.


 Design by  Kimberlee Lynch