Butterfly – Facebook # 1 Winner

In the fall of 2011 we started a Facebook contest to increase the number of Likes and our 1st goal was to reach 125 Likes on our www.facebook.com/windowsofthewest  Facebook pages. Our 1st winner was Karen R who lives in Southern Alberta. We intend on restarting this contest in the future, however before doing so we have 2 more winners, stained glass prizes to put on our website. Enjoy and of course a big thank you to all those stained glass fans who support our Web and Facebook sites.


Design by Janet Schrader

Ying Yang in Black & White

We made this traditional black & white Ying Yang in 2012, using a Spectrum Black/Clear Baroque Glass as it allows some light to flow through it rather than all black glass which allows no light to pass through it.


Author Unknown

Ying Yang in Red & White

Ying Yang  “Represents balance & harmony among opposites. It is not a perfect world”

Normally Ying Yang’s are black and white, however the 1st one we made in 2006 was red and white.



Author Unknown

Southwest Sun Design

This Southwest Sun oval is 18 inches in diameter. We made this if memory serves us correctly in 2003 for home in Red Deer Alberta.

The photo is from a scanned picture as at that time we did not have a digital camera.

The blue glass is Spectrum’s Deep Steel/Sky Blue Waterglass and the red is a beautiful Bullseye,  along with Glue Chip frosted glass and the center piece is a large circular bevel.



Design by Kathy Iles

Winter Solstice Moon & Stars

Well here it is October 10, 2012 and it is snowing in Innisfail. We made this Winter Solstice Moon & Stars for one of our daughters about 6 years ago and looking out at today’s winter weather we thought that it was  time to show this piece of stained glass even though the winter solstice does not happen till December 22nd.

The blue glass is Spectrum’s Deep Steel/Sky Blue Waterglass.



Design featured in Stained Glass News Edition # 62