Order of the Eastern Star

This is the Star of the Order of the Eastern Star. Flory is a longtime member and we made this as a fund raiser in 2007



This is a simplified rainbow that we made many years ago. It measures approximately 7 inches wide by 5 inches high.


Design by Donna Schulze


Dragon Baby

We made this for a client as a Christmas Gift in 2008. It is a very neat design as is shows a baby dragon hatching from it’s shell. This design was on one of the pattern disks that Paned Expression Studios Inc. sell and their design work is simply outstanding.


Design by Paned Expression Studios


These crosses were made with some very unique blue and purple glass.

We delivered some of these along with other items to White Raven Emporium in Didsbury Alberta in late July 2012. They can be purchased there along with many other stained glass items that we have there for sale.

Designed by Flory Wilkins

North West Mountain Morning

We made this panel hanging in 2006, it was approximately 12 x 7 inches with a scalloped metal edging. For the mountain and hills we used Uroboros  Glass along with Spectrum Glass.



Design by Janet Schrader