Ying Yang in Red & White

Ying Yang  “Represents balance & harmony among opposites. It is not a perfect world”

Normally Ying Yang’s are black and white, however the 1st one we made in 2006 was red and white.



Author Unknown

Southwest Sun Design

This Southwest Sun oval is 18 inches in diameter. We made this if memory serves us correctly in 2003 for home in Red Deer Alberta.

The photo is from a scanned picture as at that time we did not have a digital camera.

The blue glass is Spectrum’s Deep Steel/Sky Blue Waterglass and the red is a beautiful Bullseye,  along with Glue Chip frosted glass and the center piece is a large circular bevel.



Design by Kathy Iles

Winter Solstice Moon & Stars

Well here it is October 10, 2012 and it is snowing in Innisfail. We made this Winter Solstice Moon & Stars for one of our daughters about 6 years ago and looking out at today’s winter weather we thought that it was  time to show this piece of stained glass even though the winter solstice does not happen till December 22nd.

The blue glass is Spectrum’s Deep Steel/Sky Blue Waterglass.



Design featured in Stained Glass News Edition # 62

Maple Leaf Coasters

Many years ago we were asked to make a set of Maple Leaf Coasters in blue colors of the Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey Club. For additional effect we used scalloped foil edging and also put a number of Vinyl Bumpers on the back so as these coasters would not scratch table surfaces.



Design by Flory &  Bob Wilkins


We started making snowflakes in 2008 when a client asked for stained glass snowflakes to add to their Christmas Tree. By using Glue Chip glass it made a great frosted looking snowflake. They make a beautiful addition to ones Christmas Tree decorations and shine in the lights from your tree. We reduced the design so they are approximately 2.75 inches in diameter and easily hang on your tree, using ornament hangers.


 Holiday Hang Ups by Alee Soderman-Zurcher & James Zurcher