Glory Angel

We made some of these using pinks, blues, whites and greens in 2003. By using various clears and iridescent clear glass for the angel wings then each angel takes on a different feel. A glass nugget is used for the head with twisted wire for the halo.

Hippo Sun Catcher

This Hippopotamus was made in 2007 . The glass was difficult to foil but made for a neat Hippo.

Geometric Starburst in Blues

This Geometric Starburst was made using Spectrum Glass Blue Hammered and their Deep Blue/Sky Blue Waterglass, along with bevels. We use fine silver chain which we attach into the solder seams, with lengths to suit clients desires.

Tea Pot a Steaming

This steaming tea pot sun catcher was made a number of years ago.


Horse Silhouettes

A number of years ago we collaborated with our scroll saw artist friend Allan Couper who did amazing work. His pieces of scroll saw allowed us to insert through the base a piece of stained glass then we used clear silicon to hold the base in place, this also allowed us to replace broken glass in the future if someone had broken theirs.

We used various colors of glass and as these Horse Silhouettes were free standing they could be reversed which provided another different silhouette view.