Weather Vane Repair

A client brought this horse weather vane to us in late 2009 to be repaired, it was coming apart and also had some broken glass in the tail.

This is the condition we received the weather vane.

Here is the restored Horse Weather Vane

Tiger Lily Repair

A wonderful client of ours brought this broken tiger lily to us to repair. She had been given this many years ago and was special to her. The tiger lily had been dropped and needed not only new glass but a total rebuild.

Here it is before we repaired it.

Here is the restored Tiger Lily



Old Came Window Change of Colored Glass

This is an old came window which was in good condition considering its age and where it had been. Our clients wanted to change the yellow/green glass to blues, retain the original frame which was going to be installed inside their home. We are unsure as to it’s age and origin.

Here is theĀ  reconstructed and restored window with the new blue glass and mounted in it’s original frame.


This picture shows the window taken out of the wooden frame before we replace the colored glass.


Lamp 12 Panel Repair & Restoration

This lamp shade was brought to us in 2005, with a broken piece as on the top as show. The lamp had not been used for a number of years and we repaired, cleaned and polished it for our client who lives in Central Alberta.

This lamp was well made but we have no idea as to who made it and we were able to match the glass.

The last picture shows the lamp restored, cleaned and polished.

Reconstruction of 80 year old window

This window came out of a home in Saskatchewan and is some 80+ years old. Our client wanted to have us completely restore it and add some colored glass. The window was in such poor condition that it had to be brought to us on a board. The came was completely rotten. It had been repaired many years ago with some of the frosted glass being replaced with clear glass, not to mention several pieces broken.

Here is the first picture upon its arrival in our studio

Fortunately all of the bevels were in good condition, as they appeared to have been hand made those many years ago and the angles were not consistent as with today’s machine made bevels. In addition they were quite thick vs today’s bevels. We number each piece of glass and take lots detailed photographs to assist in reconstruction.

Here is the window being rebuilt. It was a came window and our clients wanted to add some gold and green colored glass.

The window has now been rebuilt with new came, along with the change to the colored glass and is ready for soldering.

The next picture shows the window completely restored, soldered with the glass cemented in. Then after cleaning we applied black patina to all of the solder lines, cleaned again and then applied stained glass polish.

Our client then mounted the window into a new wooden frame which was located on an interior wall of their new home in Central Alberta. The window is high up from the floor and on one side is their master bed room and the other side a hallway. Weather will never be a problem but with natural light on both sides it provides an impressive sight not only all day long but also at night when either room or hallway lights are on.


Here is a final picture of the window. Our client was extremely pleased with the end result and a 80 year old stained glass window has a new life for many years to come, along with much enjoyment for it’s owners and their relatives and friends that visit their home.

A piece of Prairie history has been saved.


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