Beveled Circle Geometric 2006

We made this Beveled Circle Geometric suncatcher in 2006. The large blue piece is Uroboros blue green sea foam streamer glass which adds a great deal of depth and color to the piece.


 Design by  Kimberlee Lynch

Beveled Geometric 2006

We made this in 2006 using a neat piece of Bullseye Art Glass, combined with Spectrum Waterglass and one of their pinks,  along with the bevel. It measures approximately 6 x 6 inches.


 Design by Kimberlee Lynch


This is a simplified rainbow that we made many years ago. It measures approximately 7 inches wide by 5 inches high.


Design by Donna Schulze


Abstract Cats

These cool cats are a great sun catcher for cat lovers. They measure 8 inches high x 5 inches wide. We used a Spectrum Black/White/Clear Baroque glass for the one below. The second picture is of a grey cat. The grey cat is the first piece of stained glass that Flory ever made way back in 1999 in Arizona. Over the years we have made these in various cat and collar color combinations

This is the Baroque Black/White/Clear

Flory’s 1st piece of stained glass – Grey colored Abstract Cat

 Designer Unknown

Geometric Starburst in Blues

This Geometric Starburst was made using Spectrum Glass Blue Hammered and their Deep Blue/Sky Blue Waterglass, along with bevels. We use fine silver chain which we attach into the solder seams, with lengths to suit clients desires.

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