Rose Vase Panel 2006

This Rose Vase Panel was a wedding gift that a client commissioned us to make for them in 2006. We used some very beautiful Bullseye glass for the rose along with Uroboros glass for the boarder spaced with 1 inch square bevels.



 Panel design by Flory Wilkins – Rose Vase Design author unknown

Dandelion Flower Stylized in a Potter Ring

In 2009 we made this for a client who’s wife was from Japan. Upon her arrival in Canada she fell in love with the beauty of our Dandelions.  He asked us to make a stained glass Dandelion in a pottery ring that he had made for us, to commemorate her appreciation of the Dandelion, which she now enjoys year round.


 Design by Flory Wilkins


Springtime is just around the corner and lots of prairie folks are thinking about their plans for beautiful flower gardens. Of course sunflowers are just what the doctor ordered to brighten the lands.

With spring arrival lots of sunflower seeds are planted, which transcend into beautiful sunflowers with their huge seed pods. You can enjoy this beauty year round with a stained glass sunflower. This is one we made in March 2016.



 This is a Free Pattern available on the website of Spectrum Glass Company

Design by Laura Heathcote,

Glowing Panes Glassworks, Thornhill, Ontario

Montana Bitterroot Flowers

In 2010 we made this as a gift for The Order of Eastern Star in Montana USA.

The Bitterroot is the state flower for the State of Montana, which was adopted on February 27, 1895. Our sun catcher measures about 7 x 7 inches.


 Design by Carolyn Kyle


Tiger Lily Repair

A wonderful client of ours brought this broken tiger lily to us to repair. She had been given this many years ago and was special to her. The tiger lily had been dropped and needed not only new glass but a total rebuild.

Here it is before we repaired it.

Here is the restored Tiger Lily



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