Garden Butterflies, Lady Bugs & Dragonflies October 2014

With winter just around the corner this group of Garden Butterflies, Lady Bugs and Dragonflies have been gathered from their many garden places and are about to be packaged up and put away till next spring. It is a pretty sight to see them all together in a large pot before heading into winter’s storage.


Designs by Flory & Bob Wilkins

Garden Lady Bugs June 2014

Everyone likes Lady Bugs and here we have attached them to a 2 ft metal rod for display in your flower beds or garden. These Lady Bugs measure approximately 2.5 x 3 inches. We use #22 gauged tinned wire for their legs, and once finished with black patina, cleaned with Kwik Clean and polished with Clarity Stained Glass Polish, we then paint the black spots on using black nail polish. As with our Garden Butterflies these also gently rock in the wind and withstand very well our Central Alberta summer weather conditions.


Designed by Bob & Flory Wilkins

Lady Bug – Lady Bug Fly Away Home

As the saying goes Lady Bug – Lady Bug Fly Away Home but with these stained glass ones you can enjoy them year round. We also put them on a rod where they can be in your garden along with our rod butterflies.


Author unknown

Bumble Bee

Summer time and there are lots of these big Bumble Bees enjoying the nectar of blooming flowers.

We made this in June 2012 for the son of good friends. He likes to give his teacher a piece of stained glass and in this case this teacher has a great fondness for Bumble Bees.


Design by Chantal Pare

Dragonfly Brooch Pin

A client asked if we could make a number of Dragonfly Brooch Pins and after a couple of design consultations this is the pin we came up with, which she gave away to members of her organization. We used Pink Iridescent Spectrum Glass with an adhesive  stick on bro0ch pin.

Designed by Flory Wilkins



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