Mare and Foal

Many years ago we had an opportunity to make this mare with her foal. We used Bullseye Glass for the mare and Spectrum’s black/clear Baroque for the foal. The foreground is a wonderful Uroboros 65-145 Glass ¬†which we use often and where either side can be used for effect. (the reverse side has a rough rolled granite effect)

Design by Nancy Pimental Great Woods Glass Art, Norton MA

This is one of Spectrum’s Glass free patterns available on their website

Weather Vane Repair

A client brought this horse weather vane to us in late 2009 to be repaired, it was coming apart and also had some broken glass in the tail.

This is the condition we received the weather vane.

Here is the restored Horse Weather Vane

“A Party for the Pachyderms”

We made and donated¬† 2 small Elephant panels in 2006 to The Calgary Zoo’s – Zoo Gala Fund Raiser “A Party for the Pachyderms”. These 2 small panels were designed by Chantal Pare of Montreal. If you get a chance when visiting Calgary take in their world class Zoo and view their elephants in their awesome environment.


Designed by Chantal Pare

Designed by Chantal Pare

Hippo Sun Catcher

This Hippopotamus was made in 2007 . The glass was difficult to foil but made for a neat Hippo.

Elephant Sun Catcher

This we made in 2006 along with a purple version for another client a few years later.

Here is the one in purples.


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