Soldering Course


Outlined below are the details of our soldering enhancement course. This course is for stained glass artists that have done a reasonable amount of stained glass pieces. We teach enhanced soldering techniques, coupled with covering areas to make your stained glass piece a truly work of art.

The course is one day here in our professional studio in Innisfail. We teach one on one and the course normally runs from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm. At noon we provide a light lunch and refreshments. Those who have taken our course have been most pleased. In addition we offer ongoing follow up to any of your questions or concerns. When we develop or find helpful tips, we will forward them to you via email.


• We require you to bring 3 – 4 items that you have already made and finished.
• We also require you to bring 3 – 4 items that you have ground, foiled and are ready for soldering. These are normally smaller sun catcher type pieces.
• Also please bring your soldering iron(s), stand and a pair of well insulated work type leather gloves.
• We start by taking a constructive look at what you have done and where you are with your soldering and the fitting, foiling and burnishing of your current new pieces to be soldered.


• Grinding, Foiling, Foiling Curves, Trimming, Burnishing, Scalloped Edging together with the different applications of Copper, Black and Silver Backed Foils.
• We spend much time teaching our techniques for soldering seams, beading edges and putting finishing solder to your work.
• We use our proven method of holding soldering iron(s), positioning of solder tips as well discussing the use of different soldering irons and tips for various applications.
• Trimming of Foil after soldering: #0000 Steel Wool and its uses: Kwik Clean pros and uses: KemPro polishing of your work: Patina’s – Q-Tips for Patina and Polishing functions: Xacto Knife edge paper towel cleaning:
• Overlays, cleaning, polishing, air can use are all features that we extend to your education of stained glass art.
• We show hanging attachment ideas, rings, wire, loop hooks for Zinc Came panels, soldering points when using Zinc Came and other edgings, Wire halo’s and the use of small metal files. We also show the use of Strengthening Braid, strong line and rebar, which enhances the longevity of your work.
• Overlays, better methods of showing off the use of jewels and bevels in your work and the special care re foiling, polishing and cleaning of these glass inserts is also covered.
• Any other items that you may wish to discuss about your stained glass projects, whether they are small sun catchers to larger panels, windows and lamps.
• Glass Eye 2000 Stained Glass software from Dragonfly Software California
• We share other websites that we have located over the years that can be very helpful to you.
• We were taught an old European method of doing stained glass, which we continue to use daily in our studio when constructing many of our larger pieces.
• We also ensure that the student understands that both sides of their project must have the same high quality of soldering, polishing and cleaning.
• We show how the use of X-Ray film can be used for repeated projects, in order to save time.
• We can also answer questions regarding came projects.

Contact us if you are interested.