I was at the Lake for several days doing work in the back yard in late July, when we had 30+Celius days. I was extremely impressed by how much heat the new window kept out. It was nice to come into a cool house after working in the heat for so many hours. As the backyard faces South/West it gets that hot sun pouring in all afternoon.

It’s amazing how fast the thermostat raises when the sun hits that little window.

It also happens to be right at a level where it hits you in the eyes when we are sitting down for dinner.

The stained glass window solved both of these problems, we could not be more thrilled. Thanks again for the beautiful window.

Robin & Barry Beatty
Calgary, Alberta

Regarding the restoration of an 80 year old came window from Saskatchewan: "Fantastic restoration job, thanks so much"

Robert & Louise Aellen
Elnora, Alberta

Love your work!

Lorna Lovell
Uroboros Glass

Just finished viewing your website and must say, VERY IMPRESSIVE

Del Smith
Retired Banker - Edmonton

Wow and double wow! Your web site look great! It really shows off your art. Well done.


I checked out the site and it looks great, Bob!


What a lovely surprise to open my stained glass shamrock door prize at the last Seniors skate at the Calgary Oval for the 2003-2004 Season. This beautifully made Shamrock is even more meaningful to me as I have an Irish maiden name. This delightful gift now hangs in my kitchen. With thanks and appreciation.

Betty Hessel
Photographer and Portrait Painter of People and Pets - Calgary, Alberta

Enclosed are photos of the Owl & Mountain Lion hanging in our kitchen windows - Owl in our city home overlooking the ravine and Mountain Lion at the farm overlooking the treed front yard. They both fit the background scene perfectly and radiate the feeling both could actually be alive. The quality of each piece is superb and we will enjoy forever.

Arline and Arch McLean
Toronto, Ontario

I had a look at your web site and it's really looking professional. The art you have on there is impressive. Many thanks for giving me a bit of recognition on the Owl frame. Much appreciated.

Bob Bryce