Christmas Tree Icicles

We started making these icicles many years ago in the various colors shown. They reflect the lights of your Christmas Tree, they measure about 4.5 inches long. The most popular one is the 2nd from the left which is made with Spectrum’s Clear Crystal Ice Iridescent glass which adds a wow factor to your Christmas Tree Decorations.


Designer Unknown


We started making snowflakes in 2008 when a client asked for stained glass snowflakes to add to their Christmas Tree. By using Glue Chip glass it made a great frosted looking snowflake. They make a beautiful addition to ones Christmas Tree decorations and shine in the lights from your tree. We reduced the design so they are approximately 2.75 inches in diameter and easily hang on your tree, using ornament hangers.


 Holiday Hang Ups by Alee Soderman-Zurcher & James Zurcher

Dragon Baby

We made this for a client as a Christmas Gift in 2008. It is a very neat design as is shows a baby dragon hatching from it’s shell. This design was on one of the pattern disks that Paned Expression Studios Inc. sell and their design work is simply outstanding.


Design by Paned Expression Studios

Mini Angels

We started making these small Mini Angels in 2009 after Flory received a similiar one in Montana as a gift. We changed the design to our liking and make them with lots of different colored glass and various clears and iridescent wings. These angels are small and light enough to be used as Christmas Tree Ornaments if desired and then also as a sun catchers for the rest of the year.

Designed by Flory Wilkins

Treble Clef – Musical Note Suncatcher

We made this in 2009 for a client who wanted to give it to one of their daughters music teacher as a gift of thanks. We used a scolloped edging to surround the white and black Spectrum Waterglass.

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