Cat in Glass – Shiner October 2015

A stained glass panel for the memory of Shiner a long time favourite cat of Tena one of our daughters who lives in Central Alberta.


This panel measures approximately 12 inches wide by 7 inches high.

Shiner was designed from the following photograph by our good friend Vicki Stevens who is wonderful at putting pets into stained glass.


Design by Vicki Stevens with some modifications by Flory Wilkins



TOPS Flower Panel Gift September 2015

TOPS is a weight loss group with many chapters internationally. We donated this panel as a raffle item for an Area Recognition Day recently held here in Innisfail, Alberta. This panel measures approximately 6 inches wide by 10 inches high.


Original designer unknown changes made

by Flory Wilkins

Poppy Panel 2015

We made this Poppy panel which measures 5 x 7 inches designed from a painting we bought while in Victoria BC. this past July 2015. It was given as a gift by our young granddaughter’s parents to her daycare provider who was returning to school. Their  2 1/2 year old daughter had a wonderful time at her 1st daycare home and they wanted to honour her dedication and help she provided for their daughter Poppy.


The next picture is the painting from which our stained glass design was taken from. The painting was done by Patricia K. Plank and she gave us her blessing to make a stained glass rendition.


Original Painting by Patricia K. Plank of British Columbia

Stained glass design by Flory Wilkins


Vicki’s Lamps

We were asked to make 2 lamp shades one for each side of Vicki’s fireplace in Medicine Hat.


The next picture shows the lamps in our home prior to delivery to Vicki. The glass that she wanted gives off a very warm soft light. We used Spectrum glass SP 201.61S Ivory Opalescent, 1 inch sq bevels and the bottom glass is Uroboros art glass U-00-621 & U-65-540.


Close up of one of the shades by the fireplace.


We took Vicki’s pattern design and transferred it onto X-Ray film. We then cut out each pattern piece and traced onto the respective glass to be used.


Using Morton layout blocks we set up this jig to allow us to make the 8 panels required for the 2 lamp shades.


When tracing onto glass we made sure that the glass matched for the 2 top large panels. Then each piece was fitted, foiled and then soldered for each panel. We also ensured that the bottom pieces of Uroboros art glass matched as well.


Here is a photo of 1 of the panels after being soldered.


Once 4 panels were completed we laid them out, then joined them together with electrical tape.StainedGlassVicki's1stlamp2015

After raising the 4 panels held together with electrical tape we put a light over the top to get and idea as to how the lamp shade would look when completed.

StainedGlassVicki's1stLamp2015 (2)

We then made sure that the lamps are level and square, touch solder the joints, and when sufficiently strong place the shade in a large box filled with newspaper. Using a small level we then fully bead each seam inside and out. We also used a 4 way spider for additional strength before soldering on the vented vase cap. Once completed each lamp shade is then cleaned with Kwik Clean, and this time we applied JAX pewter antique black patina, after which the shade must again be cleaned with Kwik Clean. Then Clarity stained glass polish is applied and the lamp shade is then polished using a soft cloth and toothbrushes on each seam.

Spring – Time for Garden Butterflies, Ladybugs, Frogs and Dragonflies

Ah the joys of spring when thoughts of planting gardens and watching the rebirth of new leaves on trees, birds migrating north and green lawns.  Now is the time to fill your gardens and flower beds with our stained glass garden stakes. We have 2 different sizes of butterflies, along with wonderful lady bugs, frogs and dragonflies for your enjoyment.







 Ladybugs GardenLadyBugsJune2014

 Adaptations of designs to garden stakes by Bob & Flory Wilkins


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