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National Grain Elevator with Alberta Rose

Instead of the sun we added an Alberta Rose to this National Grain Elevator.  Sexsmith Alberta is a small community located north of Grand Prairie



Design by Flory & Bob Wilkins

Pig Angel

Our pig angel compliments our cow angel for those who enjoy farm animals, here again we used Wiggle Eyes for that whimsical expression.


Designer Unknown


Butterfly Trio

We made this a number of years ago for a daughter in law, who lives near Edmonton, Alberta which has lots of snow and cold for many months during the winter, however this trio of butterflies brightens their home year round.

Grain Elevator – Reversed

A client asked if we could reverse the grain elevator design and here it is featuring the Town of Claresholm, Alberta which is located approximately halfway between Calgary and Lethbridge. The glass represents the colors of the Alberta Wheat Pool Elevators. Originally the Wheat Pool elevators were a dark reddish color, but later were changed to a green. Unfortunately most of these prairie sentinels that could be seen for miles across the west have all but vanished. However you can enjoy them year round as a reminder of their grandeur in a stained glass sun catcher hanging in your window.


Design by Flory & Bob Wilkins


Cow Angel

Cow angels are enjoyed by many who grew up or who are still living on farms and ranches.

We attach Wiggle Eyes which gives a comical feeling to this stained glass sun catcher.