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UGG Elevator Scapa Alberta

There is a sign post and a couple of homes north west of Hanna Alberta, where Scapa used to be. The elevator is long gone and so are the residents save for those homes mentioned above. You need to drive a gravel road to see the Scapa sign. We made this for a friend many years ago. We have since managed to obtain the original United Grain Growers Emblem which we now use on UGG Elevators.


Abstract Cats

These cool cats are a great sun catcher for cat lovers. They measure 8 inches high x 5 inches wide. We used a Spectrum Black/White/Clear Baroque glass for the one below. The second picture is of a grey cat. The grey cat is the first piece of stained glass that Flory ever made way back in 1999 in Arizona. Over the years we have made these in various cat and collar color combinations

This is the Baroque Black/White/Clear

Flory’s 1st piece of stained glass – Grey colored Abstract Cat

 Designer Unknown

Prairie Vanishing Sentinels – Saskatchewan

Over the years we have made grain elevators and using special letters we have put names and places on them at the request of our clients.

This one is the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool Elevator at Mozart.



Robins it’s Springtime

Many years ago Tena one of our daughters received this Robin as a gift. We subsequently rebuilt and restored it. It’s springtime here in Alberta and we are always so happy and grateful to see hundreds of Robins return.

With a stained glass robin sun catcher one can then enjoy them year round.



Asparagus – Festival

A few years ago we attended the local Asparagus Festival in Central Alberta. For the occasion we made this stained glass Asparagus. Fresh locally grown Asparagus is so delicious, especially when grilled on a BBQ.

Edgar Farms  (www.EdgarFarms.com) will once again on June 2 & 3 Р2012 run their Asparagus Festival. They bundle their fresh daily cut Asparagus with blue elastics which is why we have the blue on our stained glass sun catcher.