Dutch Tulip 3D Shoe

Today is the first day of Spring 2012 and what better way to celebrate it’s arrival with an example of our glass.

We made and donated this 3D Tulip Dutch Shoe in 2010 to the Order of Eastern Star as a silent auction fund raiser item.


Shamrock for St. Patrick’s Day

We make these using Wissmach’s Emerald Isle Green English Muffle Glass as well as Spectrum’s Green Hammered Glass. Ideal St. Patrick’s day gift for your Irish friends. We make these using black backed foil for black patina on the solder lines, silver backed foil for edging left in silver and copper backed foil for copper patina on the solder lines as well as polishing each with stained glass polish.

“A Party for the Pachyderms”

We made and donated  2 small Elephant panels in 2006 to The Calgary Zoo’s – Zoo Gala Fund Raiser “A Party for the Pachyderms”. These 2 small panels were designed by Chantal Pare of Montreal. If you get a chance when visiting Calgary take in their world class Zoo and view their elephants in their awesome environment.


Designed by Chantal Pare

Designed by Chantal Pare

Glory Angel

We made some of these using pinks, blues, whites and greens in 2003. By using various clears and iridescent clear glass for the angel wings then each angel takes on a different feel. A glass nugget is used for the head with twisted wire for the halo.

Hippo Sun Catcher

This Hippopotamus was made in 2007 . The glass was difficult to foil but made for a neat Hippo.