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Birthstone “I Love You” Christmas Gifts 2019

Long time local clients have us make suncatchers as Christmas gifts for their grandchildren. This year they wanted a smaller version of the Valentine in Glass ” I Love You” with the heart glass being their grandchildren’s birthstone colors.

We reduced the original design to measure approximately 4 inches wide x 5 inches high. By reducing the size Flory had to make some slight modifications of the original design.

In total we made 10 of these, which included the birthstone colors for the months of March, April, May, July, August and December. The picture below represents from left to right the months of March, July and August.

Design by Glassmagic, Snohomis, WA

Original Design modified by Flory Wilkins

Infinity Stars December 2019

For Christmas this year we made these 2 Infinity Star Christmas tree ornaments for our neighbors. In addition to the purple and mint green ones shown, we also made for another client 4 more using different blues. The clear glass used was Spectrum’s # 100 GGIR – Iridescent granite.

Design by Marianne Crivellaro as featured in Glass Patterns Quarterly Fall 2006

Lambs – Baby Gifts 2019

We made these lambs for a Great Niece and Great Nephew in the spring of 2019. They measure approximately 5 inches wide by 6 inches high. For the niece we attached a small pink flower and for the nephew a small blue heart.

Once completed we applied black Novacan patina to the solderlines and after cleaning with Kwik Clean we then polished with Clarity Polish. The very strong hanging silver chain was soldered into the back solder lines before starting to finish them.

The next 2 pictures show close ups of each one.


Original Design by Donna Schulze from her book titled “Sunshines”

Heirloom Lamp Repair 2019

This lampshade was made some 43+ years ago by a family member. It survived many moves over the years but eventually suffered 3 broken panels. Our client who lives in Central Alberta brought it to us in the fall of 2019 and fortunately we had the exact same glass to complete repairs and restoration.

The first photo shows the restored lampshade now being enjoyed by our client on a daily basis.

The next shows the 3 broken panels – 2 of which were beside each other and the 3rd one was over to the left with the faint black check mark on it.

In order to put new glass in this lampshade we first used a small hacksaw and cut through the lead came removing the broken and unbroken pieces. As 2 of the panels were together we had to replace the center piece of lead came. When taking out the broken pieces we ensured that each broken panel piece was then taped together so we could use it for a pattern when making the new panel pieces.

A problem we encountered especially with the 2 broken panes beside each other was that after fitting and replacing the glass along with the one new piece of lead came in the center of those 2 broken panels was that the lamp had sprung apart. Rather than trying to have Flory hand hold the shade together while re-soldering the joints we used some larger rubber bands which after some maneuvering held the lampshade back together quite nicely before soldering the new joints. The original lead came used was handmade and over the years we have come across several old repairs with this type of came. The difficult part is trying to match new came to the old came as close as possible.

This last photo shows a top view of the restored lampshade. We cleaned both sides of the lampshade with Kwik Clean using toothbrushes and then repolished it with Clarity Stained Glass polish. We used a combination of soft polishing rags, toothbrushes, X-acto knife blades and paper towels to complete it along with lots of elbow grease.

Built by a family member in the mid 1970’s

Original Lamp Designer Unknown

Poppy’s for Poppy’s Kindergarten Teacher 2019

Our oldest granddaughter Poppy wanted to give her very likable and helpful kindergarten teacher who was retiring a piece of stained glass. Obviously poppies was her choice. This piece measures approximately 4 inches wide by 6 inches high.

Design by Flory Wilkins

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